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Ann Roberts
Early Years Consultant

What is Early Years Education?

Birth to Three Matters and The Foundation Stage are key documents that all early years practitioners reference, alongside their knowledge of child development and other Government strategies such as Every Child Matters.

Understanding these and putting them into every day practice can be a challenge. However, early years practitioners working with very young children have to be responsive, spontaneous, inventive and resourceful. This is the philosophy that underpins my courses and consultancy. Demystifying the jargon and gaining a sound understanding of the requirements is important in order to be professional.

Professional development needs to be:

  • Informative and fun
  • Challenging and satisfying
  • Visionary and developmental

I have a wealth of experience and matchless enthusiasm for early years education. I'm approachable and skilled in sharing achievable ideas that young children love and learn from. If you feel that I could help you in any of these areas, then do get in touch.


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