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Ann Roberts
Early Years Consultant


Here are some current courses that I deliver - the cost varies according to travel, group size and timings.

Discovery bottles.

In Birth to Three Matters, An Effective Communicator "Finding a voice" - discovery bottles are mentioned.  This course gives you lots of brilliant ideas that you can use immediately.  The course is mainly practical and will appeal to all practitioners.


Discovery bottles

Saris, Sarongs and Scarves.

Encouraging children to develop and strengthen their upper body muscles is part of growing and developing (A healthy Child - birth to three matters).  This course shows you how to introduce pre-parachute style play, using every day items.  It also describes how to include literacy links and imaginative play.


Saris, sarongs and scarves

Mouldy old Dough.

Hopefully this is not what your dough play is like.  Forget the cutters and the traditional roller style presentation.  Come on this course and get lots of really practical ideas that will enhance the quality of your dough play.


Mouldy old Dough

You can survive Ofsted inspection!

Currently, as you know, inspections are unannounced.  So every day could potentially be an Ofsted day!  This course looks at getting yourself organised for any such happenstance and gets you to look carefully at the kind of supporting evidence [paperwork] you ought to have to hand.  It has a "can do approach" and will ensure you have a clear view of what your setting needs to do.


I can survive Ofsted inspection

Making mini-dens.

This course is suitable for those working with 3-5 year olds.  It involves using creative materials, construction techniques, and imagination. It is fun and practical.  If you have limited space, or are just running out of ideas for small-world play - this will be useful.  Using simple everyday materials you can make a den on a small scale and see the potential of this first hand.


Mini dens making

Birth to three matters – tailored courses.

There are various options in developing an understanding for this document. For example:-

    • taking a block of cards and exploring what they actually mean to your setting
    • how you can implement them
    • what impact will they have on the children?

I deliver various tailored course combinations in this area - so give me a call and we can discuss your particular needs.


Birth to three matters - tailored courses

Treasure baskets.

This course starts with the developmental needs of the child.  You will leave with lots of ideas for themes to develop your basket collections.  You will have some very simple practical ideas of how the baskets should be presented to the children.  The importance of using natural objects for play and the learning potential this has, will be a key message that you can use as you develop your understanding of the importance of treasure baskets with 0-3 year olds.

Treasure baskets


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